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Schuller and Crown Imperial: which kitchen design is right for you?

Looking for your new kitchen and not sure where to start? At ABC Kitchens, Bedrooms and Bathrooms, we’ve been supplying our customers with perfect designs for their perfect home for 25 years. This experience means we have in-depth knowledge of two of our leading kitchen design brands, Schuller and Crown Imperial. Both demonstrate a nous of design and a close attention to the beautiful materials that their products are constructed from, but which is right for your home?

Schuller kitchens

Schuller pride themselves on their ethos of high-quality, German-made kitchens, and there is a certain cleanliness to the aesthetic, as well as efficiency of design, that speaks of the country’s style and ethos. Modern, durable and reliable designs are at the forefront of the Schuller model, and their kitchens are made all the more versatile through their set of five kitchen ‘realms’, which encompass everything from contemporary, modern chic to comfortable, classic style. Perfect for those design-oriented homes that have a unique, modern aesthetic running throughout every room.

Their ‘weiss’ and ‘helle’ (white and light) kitchens are testament to Schuller’s more modern style, with smooth, pristine and minimalist designs that vary between flowing, rounded lines, such as the Gala Crystal White High Gloss, and bold, block-oriented designs, such as the Glasline kitchen. Their ‘dunkle kitchens’ are also based around a contemporary look, but the Casa design is rooted in a more classic style.

Crown Imperial kitchens

Manufacturing and designing kitchens in Great Britain for over 65 years, Crown Imperial pride themselves not only on the very high quality and sturdiness of their designs and fixtures but the superb choice that they offer their customers. Noting the sense of adventure that many love to employ in their food tastes, Crown Imperial bring a similar ethos to their wide-ranging, functional and stylish kitchens, ensuring that a broad spectrum of taste, as well as both current and classic trends, are accounted for. For a timeless, British feel that speaks of busy, farmhouse kitchens, Crown Imperial are the perfect choice.

Crown Imperial have a wide range of both classic and contemporary kitchens in their modern and traditional ranges, but a consistency runs through the brand in their emphasis upon kitchen islands and wide, spacious designs. Whether you’re interested in the more rural, wood-focused style of the Ashton, or the striking blocks and white/yellow design of the Rococo, a Crown Imperial kitchen treads the line between chic, smart looks and quintessentially British design.

Both of these superb manufacturers ensure the highest quality of kitchen design, with a reliability to match the aesthetics. If you’re looking for a new kitchen design in Bristol or Bath, or anywhere in between, and need some design advice, contact us today and start planning this new addition to your dream home.

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