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Choosing the right type of kitchen for you

Choosing the right type of kitchen for you

In many respects, the kitchen is the heart of the home, as it serves a practical purpose but is also a social space. It’s therefore very important that the style of your kitchen suits you perfectly. After all, you’re going to be spending a lot of time there! Which ever style you opt for, be sure you have the right cleaning products to keep it looking its best. For Bissell steam cleaners, great for kitchen floors, visit this page. There are four major kitchen styles available; we’ll provide an overview so that you can decide which one appeals to you.

Rustic kitchens

Rustic kitchens make use of rough-hewn wooden surfaces, warm colours and simple, friendly-looking appliances to create a homely, inviting appearance. They possess an air of easy-going, familial intimacy and therefore make fantastic gathering spaces for families and close friends.

Traditional kitchens

These kitchens feature much richer colours and are often dominated by polished wooden or marble surfaces. They project a sense of sophistication that makes them ideal for dinner parties. A beautiful, traditional kitchen-come-dining room is the perfect way to impress guests!

Modern kitchens

If you want a streamlined, ultra-practical kitchen, you should opt for a modern design. Modern kitchens often have stainless-steel surfaces and monochromatic colour schemes. They are also efficiently-designed and minimalist, with no clutter. While modern kitchens are rarely used as social spaces, they are very practical (as they are easy to clean and maintain) and they make a bold stylistic statement.

Contemporary kitchens

Contemporary kitchens are as sleek as modern kitchens but are usually more colourful and playful. They may incorporate a few brightly-hued plastic surfaces or other conversation pieces. They are designed to look as friendly and welcoming as rustic kitchens but as efficient as modern ones.

Each of these four kitchen styles will appeal to a different type of person. Which one do you feel drawn to? Of course, because we design all our kitchens on a client-by-client basis, there’s no reason why you can’t combine elements of different styles if you wish. Contact us today and let us know what kind of kitchen we can create for you. We have over 25 years experience and can offer top-quality advice during the design process, regardless of what type of kitchen you want.

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